About Us


2010 – 2012

My husband (Mr. Iyk Marmah) and I were so happy when the news of my pregnancy came to light. With joy, we did the shopping as every first-time parent will, from clothing to skincare. As a proud father-to-be, he never hesitated in getting the best cream and lotion ready before the baby was due.
Having been blessed with a daughter, Eni developed a skin condition around her lips which started spreading to about 75% face and disfigured her looks. With her hair refusing to grow as well. Many attempts by the hospital to help bring this condition down proved futile. As a result, we decided to stop using prescribed creams and ointments on her and resorted to the use of Shea butter and African Black soap. Within weeks, we see improvement.

2012 – 2015

I started reading ingredient lists and the side effect on the health and well-being of humans. Having gathered enough evidence, I came to understand more about some allergic reactions resulting from some mainstream cosmetics. I then started making what we call DIY hair and skin care products for my family and it extended to my friends. With the positive feedback that we were gathering from those who used the DIY products, I decided to go into organic cosmetic studies to broaden my knowledge. I took courses with Aromantic, a UK institution, and had my introduction to Natural Skincare.

2016 – 2017

With joy, I explained my research, backed by scientific principles, to my husband. He encouraged me to take my studies further. This got me into enrolling in the world’s largest online organic cosmetic science school, Formula Botanica. I noticed all their courses Diploma courses were 2yrs each. Determination got me into completing four courses with them with the time spaced.
successfully completing an array of courses with distinctions, I launched Nature’s Genesis Skincare, a natural and cruelty-free skincare range designed to make you look and feel good about your skin.

The Brand

Nature’s Genesis is plant-powered skin and hair care brand, which combines knowledge gained from science and ancient principles (Oils, butter, and herbs) in a unified manner in formulating each product.
We believe in using quality and high-performance ingredients for the best results in our products. We are conscious of our ingredients and where they come from, straying away from animal testing. All ingredients are cruelty-free.
We put you first and work with nature, but not against it.

Our Promise

Skin and hair care free from these ingredients:
Mineral oil

Our Ethical Standard

We are handmade, natural, and sustainable. We try to limit the use of plastics to save the environment. We do not test on animals, but on families and friends. We aim to be paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, and many more. Our Shea butter is sourced and fairly traded from women’s owned groups in the Upper West Region of Ghana, West Africa.